Internal Audit

Have you concerns about how your organisation would respond to being door stepped with a claim or allegation of wrong doing or failure to comply with regulations?

What would be your response?

What evidence do you have that your organisation has met or exceeded the standard in the specific area?

One of the biggest concerns facing organisations is compliance with regulation and government policies. This risk is compounded by the number of regulatory and legislative changes being introduced both locally and internationally.

The second most significant risk is to reputation and brand. It is impossible to overstate the time and effort it takes to develop a positive reputation and brand, and how quickly this can be lost by actions or inaction. When executing the role of internal auditor we need to ask ourselves whether our internal audit plans and scoping plans best attend to brand and reputation.

It is for these reasons we are engaged for internal audit assignments in client organisations covering a diverse range of areas/projects, including finance, procurement, training, capital projects and child protection.

Should you want to consider having in place the systems and controls, including an internal audit function that provides you with the requisite comfort and reassurance, contact us today. The cost involved in gaining the peace of mind you deserve may be surprisingly less than you might have thought.