Corporate governance and VAT; an increased demand for services and fundraising are some of the issues and pressures affecting the not for profit sector. At O’Neill Foley, we help organisations and charities of all sizes to respond to the challenges they face and to achieve best practice.

Our Not-for-Profit team draws together expertise from various disciplines throughout the firm to provide clients with strategic and operational advice and assistance. We maintain regular contact with our clients and help them to develop financially efficient organisations without losing sight of their objectives.

Our services include:

  • Funding applications
  • Tax & VAT planning
  • Tax-efficient fundraising
  • Financial management and systems
  • Internal audit
  • Risk reviews and assurance
  • Corporate governance
  • Audit including external audit and independent examination of annual accounts
  • Strategic planning and mergers
  • Accounts preparation

Limited by Guarantee

O’Neill Foley has a recognised specialism in advising charities and not-for-profit organisations. O’Neill Foley act for a range of charities from those established by deed with few assets, to those with high income who are companies limited by guarantee.

The unique requirements of the charities sector demand a thorough understanding of the Charities Act and its implications for your charity. You may also be subject to onerous accounts reporting to both your trustees and the Charities Commission. O’Neill Foley can guide your charity though the maze and help you to implement structures that will ease the administrative burden.

If you are planning to register a new charity, O’Neill Foley can assist with the process from the outset by advising you on the most appropriate structure for your charity, a Trust or a company limited by guarantee.

In some circumstances you may need advice on setting up a trading subsidiary if your fund raising is deemed to be trading income and therefore taxable.

At O’Neill Foley, charities can rely on quality, specialist support services including audits and independent examinations, VAT and investments.

Services include:

  • Charity formation
  • Charity registration
  • Advice on record keeping
  • Reporting requirements
  • Independent examination
  • Charity audits
  • VAT advice
  • Charity commission annual returns
  • Taxation advice


Industrial & Provident Society

  • Accounting for friendly, industrial, provident or mutual societies is a specialist area that requires expertise and an understanding of the sector. At O’Neill Foley we have both the resources and capabilities available to cater for such needs.
  • Our goals are to provide an efficient and prompt service so the information you receive from us is up to date, relevant and useful for decision making. We strive to achieve our aim of completing accounts in a cost effective and efficient manner as possible.

Credit Unions

Credit unions face increasing regulatory challenges. The role of the Supervisory Committee has become more time intensive. O’Neill Foley is very familiar with the legal set-up of credit unions including the changing regulatory environment under The Credit Union Act 1997. We have substantial experience and understanding of internal control requirements and corporate governance.

Our credit union Team has a deep understanding of the ethos and objectives of the movement. We know the commitment of the volunteer workers as well as that of the professional and administrative staff.

For over a decade we have acted for a number of credit unions, supporting the Supervisory Committees in the following areas:

Internal audit

  • Identification of internal audit needs
  • Preparation of audit plan
  • General advice on business and office administrative issues
  • Internal audit reports and recommendations for improvement
  • Corporate governance


  • Preparation of audit plan and reporting timetable
  • Presentation of accounts
  • Recommendations for improvements upon reviewing the audit report

Corporate Finance

  • Preparation of business plans, budgets and cash flows
  • Advice on valuations of investments
  • Advice on financing of capital projects

The approach we take to our work is based around excellent communications with our clients and an understanding of their needs. We provide timely pro-active advice by keeping up-to-date on developments within the Irish League of Credit Unions.