Accurate, timely management information is the lifeblood of a company, a vital ingredient in the strategic decision-making mix.  Management accounting allows companies to keep track of their financial performance, and serve as an essential platform for effective management and planning. Management accounting can also assist in the early identification of business risk and provide information to allow all tax planning opportunities be explored. This is where our team can make a difference.


O’Neill Foley provides an effective and timely management reporting service that includes:

  • Preparation of periodic management accounts
  • Identification of appropriate key performance indicators
  • Financial forecasts and budgets to your requirements
  • Detailed strategic business plans to your requirements
  • Ad hoc reports tailored at your request

Our experienced team will either fully prepare or assist your staff in the preparation of management reports. We will tailor our reports to meet your needs and guide your business in making financial decisions, planning and evaluating performance.


These services are particularly useful for owner-managed businesses which lack the resources to generate reliable management information in-house.  Such information can be of critical importance especially during times of economic uncertainty when lenders and other stakeholders may place increased demands on businesses for detailed financial performance and management accounts updates. Inability to produce comprehensive management accounts can lead to a loss of confidence ultimately posing a threat to the availability of continuing lending facilities.


Our entire approach is based on improving your financial control and reducing your costs in the short-term whilst identifying strategies to put in place for the long-term. Our role is fully adaptable to your requirements – from supply and analysis of information to representing you or supporting you at meetings with banks, grant-aiding bodies and other stakeholders.


Our unwavering commitment to quality service means that we produce monthly management accounts to end of year accounts standard, thus enabling owners and managers to be fully cognisant of the business’ performance in real time.

We provide services to businesses of all sizes, indigenous or international and based all across Ireland. Please call Declan Salter on 0567721157 or e mail for more information.  We will consult with you to understand your exact requirements and tailor our services to suit your needs.